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名词Ⅰ. 单句语法填空1.(2015·江苏,32)Some schools will have to make__adjustments__(adjust) in agreement with the national soccer reform.解析:句意:为了与国家的足球改革保持一致,一些学校不得不进行调整。

make adjustments 是固定搭配,意为“进行调整”。

2.(2014·新课标Ⅰ,69)...for most of us the__changes__(change) are gradual and require a lot of effort and work,like cleaning up a polluted river.解析:句意:……对我们大多数人来说,这些变化很缓慢,而且就像清理被污染的河流,需要很 多努力和工作。

所填词作主语,其前是定冠词,所以应为名词;根据谓语动词 are 可知应用复数 形式。

3.(2014·辽宁,70)... I'll stop and take a deep__breath__.解析:句意:……我要停下来深吸一口气。

take a deep breath“深呼吸”,是固定短语。

4.(2014·浙江,6)We most prefer to say yes to the__requests__(request) of someone we know and like.解析:句意:我们更愿意满足自己熟悉且喜欢的人所提的要求。

根据前面的定冠词判断,本空需 要用名词形式;request 作“要求”讲是可数名词,此处是泛指,所以用其复数形式。



5.(2014·湖北,21)Her__motivation__(motivate) for writing was a desire for women to get the right to higher education.解析:句意:她写作的动机是她渴望为妇女争取到接受高等教育的权利。

空格前有形容词性 物主代词修饰,所以空格应填名词形式;再根据系动词 was 可知,用单数形式。

6. (2014·天津, 9)My parents always attach great__importance__(important) to my getting a good education.解析:句意:父母一直很重视让我接受好的教育。

attach importance to“认为……很重要;重 视”。

7.He didn't selfishly keep for himself the money inherited from his uncle. Instead, he made a generous__contribution__(contribute) to help the community.解析:句意:他不自私,没有把叔叔留给他的钱独自占有,而是慷慨地捐献出来帮助社区。

分析 句子结构可知,空格前是不定冠词和形容词,所以要用名词单数形式。

8. I felt proud to be spending my time productively, dutifully preserving for future generations a detailed__description__(describe) of my travels.解析:句意:我感到无比自豪的是卓有成效地度过了我的岁月,忠实地为后代保存一份关于旅途 详情的记录。

分析句子结构可知, 空格前有不定冠词和形容词 detailed, 所以要用名词单数形式。

9.Your__performance__(perform) as a student will be excellent if you develop a habit of reflecting on how you learn.2



有形容词性物 主代词修饰,要用 perform 的名词形式 performance。

10.My first__impression__(impress) of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young man.解析:句意:我对他的第一印象是,他是一个和蔼、体贴的年轻人。

根据句子结构可知,空格前 面有物主代词 my 和序数词 first 修饰,所以此处要用 impress 的名词形式 impression。

Ⅱ.语法填空在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。

Robots used for housework were tested out in some __1. families__ (family). Tony, one of the robots, looked like __2. a__ tall and handsome man with smooth black hair, speaking in a deep voice. Larry was going to be away from home. Also, __3. curiosity__ (curious) drove him to have a try on such a new thing. So he hired a robot to accompany his wife Claire. Claire didn't like the idea at the beginning, but she agreed to it at last. At the first sight of Tony, Claire felt embarrassed. Gradually, Tony began to win the __4. hostess'__ (hostess) trust. He helped Claire realize her dreams by making her home elegant, giving her a new haircut, changing the makeup she wore and giving her __5. advice__ (advise) on her __6. personal__ (person) dresses. Therefore at the party all her guests who were invited were filled with __7. admiration__ (admire) when they saw her house was completely changed. After the test, the company was satisfied with __8. Tony's__ (Tony)3


report and believed it was __9. a__ success because he had successfully made a woman regain her __10. confidence__ (confident) and fall in love with him.Ⅲ.单句改错1.(2016·新课标Ⅰ)My uncle tells me that the key to his success is honest.答案与解析:honest→honesty句意:我叔叔告诉我他成功的关键就是“诚实”。


2.(2016·新课标Ⅱ)If we go on a trip abroad, we can broaden our view and gain knowledges we cannot get from books.答案与解析:knowledges→knowledge 句意:如果我们出国旅游,我们就能拓宽视野并学到 书本上学不到的知识。


3.(2016·新课标Ⅲ)The teenage year from 13 to 19 were the most difficult time for me.答案与解析:year→years 句意:13 到 19 岁的青春期是我最艰难的一段时光。

根据句中的 13 to 19 were 可知,year 应该用复数形式。

4.(2015·四川)As I told you last time,I made three new friend here.答案与解析:friend→friends 由前面的 three 可知,friend 用复数形式。

5.(2015·新课标Ⅰ)The airs we breathe in is getting dirtier and dirtier.答案与解析:airs→air 句意:我们呼吸的空气越来越脏。

air 为不可数名词,不能用复数形式。



6.(2015·新课标Ⅱ)One day, little Tony went to a shopping center with his parent... he turned around and found that his parents were missing.答案与解析:parent→parents 句意:一天,小托尼跟父母亲去购物中心……由下文的“...he turned around and found that his parents were missing。

”可知,是父母两个人,所以用 复数形式。

7.(2015·浙江)My old classroom was interesting because three side of the classroom were made of glass.答案与解析:side→sides 句意:我原来的教室很有趣,有三面墙是用玻璃做的。

根据前面的 three 可知,此处 side 应该使用复数形式。

8.(2014·新课标Ⅰ)...since then—for all these year—we have been allowing tomatoes to self seed where they please.答案与解析:year→years 句意:……从那时起,这些年来,我们让圣女果在它们喜欢的地方自 我生长。

these 提示 year 是可数名词,须用复数形式。

9.(2014·浙江)A passenger realized he couldn't find his ticket... Yet, they had so quickly offered the strangers their help.答案与解析:strangers→stranger句意:然而,他们迅速地给陌生人提供了帮助。


10.(2014·四川)Stay close to your teacher and classmate.5


答案与解析:classmate→classmates 句意:靠近老师和同学们待着。

从文章意思可知,此处 表达同班同学应为复数形式。